Grosvenor was established in 1986. The company quickly expanded to become the leading electrotechnical services company in the Northwest carrying out work, almost exclusively, for local housing authorities and housing associations.

A key factor in the early success of the company was an unparalleled expertise in warden and nurse call systems such as the Wolsey Carecall and Omega range, as well as door entry, and distributed television systems. The company continues to stock a large supply of spare parts for older technology and is still able to carry out maintenance on a range of, now obsolete, systems.

The experience Grosvenor gained early on has now been developed and applied to all of the major Warden and Nurse Call systems manufactured by companies such as Scantronic, Tynetec, and Tunstall. Access control and Door entry, as well as the latest television reception systems, have also continued to be areas in which Grosvenor has excelled.

Alongside these key areas, the company has expanded into the installation and maintenance of other systems such as CCTV, intruder alarms, radio systems, smart technology, dispersed alarm units, and electrical distribution systems.

Grosvenor has continued to maintain a policy of providing staff with the latest training as well as exploring new technologies and techniques. Engineers at the company are currently researching the expansion of the Warden and Nurse Call industry into biometric systems used in Telehealth and Telecare, convergence of television and access control technology with internet based systems, as well as the imminent switch of British telephone networks over to fibre optic connections for the 21st Century Network (21CN).