Commercial CCTV camera in Wrexham

CCTV & TV Systems


As part of our NSI Gold accreditation, Grosvenor is able to install, maintain and service Closed Circuit Television Systems.

These can be private, commercial, education and colleges, industry, social housing, sheltered housing, and town/city centre provisions.

They can be stand alone, remote or integrated systems that form part of a larger security solution.

Grosvenor uses market leading devices and equipment including high end products and the more affordable solutions.

IRS Television

Grosvenor has many years experience installing, servicing, and maintaining ‘Integrated Reception Systems’. An IRS system is the collection of Satellite, TV & Radio services being combined for distribution, to either multiple individual properties on a larger housing projects.

Ceiling CCTV camera
IRS television hardware
Wall CCTV camera in Wrexham
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